Mold In The Bible? Really??? Mold Removal and Remediation In Leviticus 14!

Posted on: May 11, 2017 by in Mold Remediation Tampa
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Yes, this blog is about  mold and mold remediation in the Bible. It is not about mold growing on the pages of a damp, musty Bible that was found in a flooded home like the one in the picture here. Well….. you are probably thinking that the Bible was written a long time ago.  Did they have mold problems back then? Yes, as a matter of fact God, the creator of everything and all the wisdom behind life’s matters, even describes in Leviticus14:33-53 in the Bible what to do if excessive mold is present, the process to remove and dispose of it and what to do if it continues to come back. So let me ask you a question. If God addresses it in the Bible, then don’t you think it is important to deal with and take care of this potentially harmful organism right away and not cover it up. Listen, sometimes you can’t just wipe down a wall or moldy surface with bleach or just paint over the mold, and expect it to just permanently disappear. The mold when it is growing produces mycotoxins which can be very harmful and mold spores that can go into the air and enter our body thru any opening of such as the lungs or eyes. Plus, there is an entire Ark full of nasty side effects that mold can have on the body too. So open up the Bible and do some reading. Start with Leviticus 13 and Leviticus 14 that are about diseases and mold. Who knows what else you might find that you don’t expect.

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