Black Mold The Symptom! Excessive Moisture The Disease In Tampa Homes!

Posted on: May 1, 2017 by in Black Mold Removal Tampa
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Black Mold In Tampa Homes

I am pretty sure by now most people have all heard of the black mold, Stachybotrys, or may be some other common indoor molds such as Aspergillis, Penicillium or Chaetomium. The overgrowth of colonies of these fungi would never occur at all if it not for the presence of extremely high levels of moisture in these homes and businesses In Tampa. The key to keeping mold spore levels under control in these locations is KEEP IT DRY! Excessive humidity and water intrusion are the disease. Mold growth is merely a symptom of this problem. No moisture problem, no germination of mold spores! Its that simple! Mold needs certain things to grow. They are water, the right temperature, oxygen Black mold was growing in most buildings that flooded.and a food source(usually building materials containing cellulose). Of these things, moisture, meaning excessive levels of it, is the easiest to manage by far. Most high levels of moisture are due to generally high humidity or water intrusion from a flood or leak of some sort whether man-made or mother nature.

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