What is mold and what may be the results of mold growing in your Clearwater FL home?

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  The concern of mold in homes is a significant problem for homes. This concern is significant not simply for homes nevertheless similarly for the health of people living there. Do you comprehend precisely what is mold? Mold has the life nevertheless can not be categorized under animal or plant category. Mold is a fungus. The duration of mold on this world is longer than the duration of individuals. The holy Bible similarly details this living animal. Then there are great deals of sources Continue Reading ...

Penicillium- Good Mold For Making Antibiotics And Cheese! Bad Mold If Growing In Your Tampa Home!

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Penicillium Mold Penicillium is a very interesting genus of mold . Definitely the Dr. Jekyll/Mr.Hyde of the mold world. First, there is Mr.Hyde. Maybe more like Mr.Hyde light. Penicillium species can cause allergic and asthmatic reaction in susceptible individuals as well as hypersensitivity pneumonitis. Penicillium is normally nonpathogenic with some exceptions. One exception is Penicillium marneffei, a dimorphic species capable of causing infection of the lymphatic system, the lungs, the Continue Reading ...

Mold In The Bible? Really??? Mold Removal and Remediation In Leviticus 14!

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Mold Removal and Remediation Yes, this blog is about  mold and mold remediation in the Bible. It is not about mold growing on the pages of a damp, musty Bible that was found in a flooded home like the one in the picture here. Well..... you are probably thinking that the Bible was written a long time ago.  Did they have mold problems back then? Yes, as a matter of fact God, the creator of everything and all the wisdom behind life’s matters, even describes in Leviticus14:33-53 in the Bible Continue Reading ...

Tampa Homeowners Find A Closed Crawlspace Is The Answer To Mold!

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Tampa Bay Homeowners May Find A Conditioned/Closed Crawl space Is The Answer To Their Warped Subfloors, Condensation and Mold Under Their Homes!!! There has been a great debate on whether to have a vented/open or closed crawl space. Vented crawl spaces worked great until the invention of air conditioning. When a family keeps their home cool at around 72-75 degrees and the air outside is 85 degrees with  80% relative humidity is drawn into an open cool crawl space it can create condensation Continue Reading ...

Black Mold The Symptom! Excessive Moisture The Disease In Tampa Homes!

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  Black Mold In Tampa Homes I am pretty sure by now most people have all heard of the black mold, Stachybotrys, or may be some other common indoor molds such as Aspergillis, Penicillium or Chaetomium. The overgrowth of colonies of these fungi would never occur at all if it not for the presence of extremely high levels of moisture in these homes and businesses In Tampa. The key to keeping mold spore levels under control in these locations is KEEP IT DRY! Excessive humidity and water Continue Reading ...